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Reuben’s Deli is not just an ordinary sandwich shop; it’s home to the extraordinary sandwich! And not just one specific sandwich, but every sandwich. We’ve been voted as a Top 10 Deli in the United States, and Best Deli in Atlanta!

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Our Menu


Anybody can make a sandwich, but it takes something special to be the best. Hot Pastrami, Hot Corned Beef, Salami, Pepperoni, Roast Beef; These are just a few of our sandwich selections. With over 100 menus items, quality never takes a back seat.

  • Gotta love Claudio and the gang at Reuben’s. My favorite is the turkey club sandwich. And OMG, the cookies! 

    Rachel Yates
  • About the only thing you need after eating breakfast at Reuben’s is a nap. Big Boy Pancakes. 

    Jimmy Constan
  • Oh my gosh! The pastrami sandwich was fantastic! I ended up taking half of it home and eating it for dinner! Love this place!

    Patricia Moore
  • Wonderful Greek salad. Great atmosphere. Claudio called me by my name after I’d been there a couple of times. You don’t see that happening too much in a city the size of Atlanta. 

    Kelsey Cooper
  • 5 Stars! Best Reuben sandwich I think I’ve ever had.

    Jim Wells
  • Reuben’s is the best. The sandwiches are so good, it’s hard to decide which one to order. Claudio and his team make it fun as well. 

    Everett Lawrence
  • I love Ruben’s Deli and Claudio! You won’t find a better Deli Sandwich in Atlanta.

    Kristy Rubio
  • I’ve eaten lunch at Reuben’s probably a dozen times. Each time seems better than the last. Think I’ll go back tomorrow.

    Jack Elliot
  • This place was AMAZING! I got the Lox egg onion on pumpernickel bagel and it was fresh, crispy, and oh so flavorful. Service was quick and courteous.

    Morgan Hill
  • I had the reuben sandwich and a side of pasta salad at Reuben’s Deli, and both exceeded all my expectations.

    Jim West

The Best Sandwiches

It’s not me, it’s you. You’ve told us we have the best sandwiches in Atlanta. We are passionate about keeping you thinking that way.

Great Coffee

Great coffee starts with great coffee beans. We’ll stack our beans up against anyone’s! We think we’ve got the best coffee in Atlanta! You be the judge.


Start your day off right with a selection from our breakfast menu and your stomach won’t be growling at mid-morning! The most important meal the day!

Catered Events

Hosting an event at your home or office? Reuben’s can make it special. Check out our catering menu, or call us if you want something really special!

Soups and Salads

Super Salads

Small Garden Salad

Is the garden small or is the salad small? Either way, this salad is delicious, and a fantastic addition to any meal, or just by itself.

A Little Meat Never Hurt Nobody

Add any of these meats (ok, technically they’re not all meats) to your salad, or a combination of: Lemon Pepper Chicken, Turkey & Ham, Chicken Salad or Tuna Salad.

Greek Salad

From the Greek words χωριάτικη σαλάτα. Nevermind. Just order the salad. You’ll love it.

Hearty Soups

Roasted Red Pepper (GF)

Think Elaine Benes and Yada Yada Yada. Our Roasted Red Pepper is memorable.

Chicken Noodle

Chicken Little wouldn’t be (little) if he ate this hearty soup. This soup is a meal.

Summer Vegetable Medley (GF)

Think bathing suites, think fresh veggies, think summer.  Doesn’t make you think fresh homemade soup?

Broccoli Cheese

Fresh broccoli combined with top grade cheese make this soup an absolute winner. Oh yea, it’s homemade just like all our other soups.

Butternut Squash (GF)

This is the soup your mama wishes she could have made. Squash, aromatic spices, and cream. Yowwza!


Our home-made chili is just warm enough to make you wonder if you’re going to need something cool to drink soon. Maybe not a full eye-watering event, but you might be verklempt for a moment or two.

Tomato Florentine

The Italian answer to gumbo. Eat all of it or we’ll kill ya.

Breakfast & Coffee


The Courtney

Our two egg omelet with cheese & toast. This will get your motor running in the morning.

Bagel and Cream Cheese Schmeer

It’s really a word. Pronounced “bay gul”. With a cream cheese schmeer.

Organic Egg Burrito

Our organic burrito, 2 eggs, hot peppers, onions, tomatoes & meat.

Sausage Egg & Cheese Biscuit

The epitome of breakfast in the South.

Sausage Biscuit

The epotime of breakfast in the South. Minus the egg and cheese.

Lox Eggs Onion (LEO)

LEO on a bagel. Only thing missing is the “V”. And not being dyslexic. You’ll LOVE it.

Mr. Bill’s Breakfast

In memory of our dear friend…2 eggs, home fries, meat, toast, and loving memories.

Dwayne’s Breakfast

Nap time after eating this meal. Two eggs, pancake, sausage. Pillows extra.

Big Boy Pancakes

Available in two sizes: Big Boy and Bigger Boy. Better wear big boy pants if you order these.

Home Fries

Fresh potatoes cut up in our kitchen, fried and seasoned. Got to love ’em.


A 1960’s/70’s TV show about a magical bagel starring Elizabeth Montgomery. If you’re under 40, look it up. Or, our two egg omelet in a bagel.

Mighty Big Omelet

If you’re over 50, think Hoss Cartwright. If you’re under 50, think Incredible Hulk. Four eggs, cheese & small country attached.

Vintage Breakfast

Two eggs with meat on croissant.

Deli Omelet

Three eggs with cheese, meat & veggies. Makes Junior Deli Omelet look weak.

Junior Deli Omelet

Two eggs with cheese, meat & veggies. A smaller version of our Deli Omelet.

Cyndy Anne

It’s Cyndy, with two y’s. You got a problem with that? Also a two egg omelet with cheese, toast, & veggies.

Jeff’s Breakfast

Our two egg omelet with cheese, toast, & choice of meat. Jeff’s favorite. Jeff who?


Caffe Latte

Our wonderful coffee made with Expresso and Steamed Milk.


Our wonderful coffee, expresso and steamed milk topped with foamed milk.

Doppio Expresso

Our Standard Double, a double shot of Expresso. Extraordinary!

French Press

A stronger and yet delicious coffee for the coffee connoisseur.

Vanilla Latte

Espresso & Vanilla

Cafe Mocha

Cocoa & Espresso

Caramel Latte

Espresso & Caramel

Caffe Nocciola

Hazelnut, Cocoa, Espresso.

Hot Cocoa


Gourmet Cookies

We bake ’em fresh everyday!

Big Cookies

Look up the word “big” and this cookie’s picture is there. We mean they are big.

Black & Whites

Our delicious cookie with half vanilla frosting and half chocolate frosting

Brownies or Blondies

We don’t discriminate. These treats are equally awesome! Try one of each!

Cheese Cake

New York City Cheese Cake? No. Southern Cheese Cake. It’s better.


Reuben's Deli


Reuben’s Deli is home to Atlanta’s Best Sandwich! For more than 20 years, Claudio Furgiuele, the owner of Reuben’s Deli, has insisted on one thing, and one thing only: to deliver the best product available at a fair price to his customers. He must be doing something right, since Rueben’s Deli has been consistently been voted best Deli in Atlanta!

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Our bread is baked fresh daily, and is never frozen. The other guy’s bread (rhymes with Tubweigh) is delivered frozen. Bless their hearts.


Our meats are the best! We serve Boar’s Head and Thumann’s. You can taste the difference when it’s sliced right before you eat it!


When you’re the best at something, it’s okay to brag a little. We never say “Drop the attitude.” We say “Bring It On, Baby!”