It's Not About Us. It's About the Sandwich!

Reuben’s Deli was founded in Carthage in 212 B.C. After the Carthaginians lost to the Roman’s in the Battle of Rama in 202 B.C., Reuben’s moved to their current location on Broad Street in Atlanta. OK, maybe not. Here’s the real story.

Reuben’s Deli just celebrated their 20th year of being in business. In January of 1996, Reuben’s Deli opened it’s doors and instantly became a pretty good place to eat. For six years, it remained pretty good. In 2002, in steps Claudio Furgiuele as Reuben’s owner and Master Sandwich Connoisseur. It was like the Chicago Bulls acquiring Michael Jordan, or the Hawks drafting Dominique Wilkins. The impact was instant and dramatic, and the team was ready to compete for championships.

Claudio’s vision of a “good food fast” restaurant was brought in to being. But, the vision was more than just “good food fast”. The vision was to create a venue where the sandwich was the featured item, and where there would be no corner’s cut in delivering the best sandwich available in Atlanta, or anywhere else for that matter.

Fast forward to today and Reuben’s Deli has been voted #1 Best Deli in Atlanta and a Top 10 Deli in the USA, Best Sandwich, and Best Reuben at least a dozen times.

Just as Claudio envisioned, Reuben’s is not just an ordinary sandwich shop; it’s home to the extraordinary sandwich!  And, not just one specific sandwich, but every sandwich we make. We succeed in making every sandwich a masterpiece by using fresh slices of our proprietary recipe meats or freshly sliced Boar’s Head and Thumann’s meats; fresh baked bread and cookies that come out of our ovens early and often.

For the better part of two decades, Reuben’s has served up our famous made-to-order sandwiches, along with homemade (in-house) soups and salads. Folks line up out the door at lunch-time for our hearty and healthy fare. The line moves quickly and the value-priced food and friendly staff make the wait, if there is one, worthwhile.

Now-a-days the meaning of “fresh” has been obscured. Reuben’s believes “fresh” means fresh: we don’t have to advertise “fresh,” fresh is a given. We never use meats that have been sliced sometime in the last century. Our fresh cut meats are cut by Fresh Stan that morning. In fact, when you come in during lunch you’ll see us cutting the meats and cheeses that you’ll be eating. If the meat were any fresher, it would still be walking around in a pasture, clucking in the sunshine or swimming up stream somewhere. After selecting the meat you want, Lynn, Beast (not really a Beast, just an affectionate nickname), or Belle will finish your sandwich with a selection of about a hundred different cheeses and add-ons available. That’s fresh, oh so fresh!

We also offer an award winning breakfast menu with over a dozen fill-you-up selections such as Big Boy Pancakes, a Mighty Big Omelette, and a Bagel with a Cream Cheese Schmeer. Our coffee selection is fantastic and our desserts will make you forget about your diet for a day or so

Come hungry and come prepared. As many of our reviews state, be ready to
order and customize your lunch, or you might just miss something really good! If you do get confused for a moment, relax. After everyone stops laughing at you, you’ll be fine, and absolutely satisfied that you’ve found the best deli sandwich in Atlanta.

We are home owned and home operated and we are proud to know you by name, know what you prefer to eat, and know where you live— just in case.

Do what you love.

Love what you do.

Not only do we love making sandwiches, we love making the best sandwiches. We love seeing your reaction when you experience what excellence tastes like.

White Collar Service.

Blue Collar Attitude.

Doesn’t matter to us if you’re wearing a tuxedo or overalls, we’re going to treat you with respect and serve you to the best of our ability. Until we get to know you. Then the gloves come off.

Cookies and Cake.

No Pi.

Our cookies are so good you’ll think we’re part of the Keebler family, except ours are baked fresh daily and didn’t come from a warehouse. Our cakes are fantastic, too. Sorry, no pie.

  • Gotta love Claudio and the gang at Reuben’s. My favorite is the turkey club sandwich. And OMG, the cookies! 

    Rachel Yates
  • About the only thing you need after eating breakfast at Reuben’s is a nap. Big Boy Pancakes. 

    Jimmy Constan
  • Oh my gosh! The pastrami sandwich was fantastic! I ended up taking half of it home and eating it for dinner! Love this place!

    Patricia Moore
  • Wonderful Greek salad. Great atmosphere. Claudio called me by my name after I’d been there a couple of times. You don’t see that happening too much in a city the size of Atlanta. 

    Kelsey Cooper
  • 5 Stars! Best Reuben sandwich I think I’ve ever had.

    Jim Wells
  • Reuben’s is the best. The sandwiches are so good, it’s hard to decide which one to order. Claudio and his team make it fun as well. 

    Everett Lawrence
  • I love Ruben’s Deli and Claudio! You won’t find a better Deli Sandwich in Atlanta.

    Kristy Rubio
  • I’ve eaten lunch at Reuben’s probably a dozen times. Each time seems better than the last. Think I’ll go back tomorrow.

    Jack Elliot
  • This place was AMAZING! I got the Lox egg onion on pumpernickel bagel and it was fresh, crispy, and oh so flavorful. Service was quick and courteous.

    Morgan Hill
  • I had the reuben sandwich and a side of pasta salad at Reuben’s Deli, and both exceeded all my expectations.

    Jim West

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Our family has grown over the years. In our twenty years, we’ve also lost some very special people. Lonnie, Kevin and Dee: we miss you every day and we think about you every day. Rest In Peace, our friends.